BBB Cycling

Part of your ride

Close up of cyclist wearing BBB Cycling sunglasses and a helmet

It’s not rocket science: designing quality products for cyclists is best done by former professional riders.

Frank Moons and Chris Koppert thought the same. That’s why, in 1998, they  turned their attention to creating cycling products, setting the business on a path to long-term growth. 

BBB Cycling’s well-thought-through parts, clothing, accessories and tools are made for cyclists all over the world. With a typical down-to-earth Dutch mindset, the company designs products that make each ride more fun, as well as safer and faster. It’s about smart, functional details that work in the real world.

BBB Cycling offers more than 1,500 unique products, all designed at the BBB headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands. Over the years, BBB Cycling products have received more than 100 different product and innovation awards across 40 categories.