Royal Dutch Gazelle

Close up of a Gazelle bicyle

Over 130 years old… and just getting started!

Today, more than ever, we believe cycling makes the world a better, healthier and a more fun place. Our aim is a world in which cycling is the obvious choice for urban transport as well as travel and leisure. And we want to empower and encourage people to move forward while having a positive impact on the world.

This ambition drives us to produce comfortable and innovative bikes that meet the highest standards and are enjoyed by riders across the Netherlands and beyond. Our focus is always on the rider’s experiences, just as it has been for more than 130 years – so that more people than ever can proudly say: “That’s my ride!”

We’re proud of our Royal title and the many awards we’ve won over the years – from the iF DESIGN AWARD to Best Buy. 

Gazelle employs about 600 people, while we produce more than 275,000 bikes a year from our factory in Dieren. This makes us the market leader in the Netherlands, and we have big ambitions to conquer the world.