Juliana Bicycles

A Bike That Inspires

Female cyclist on a Juliana bike going off road in the mountains

Including More Riders since 1999

We build bike communities where everyone feels welcome – and free to have fun.

In the 1980s and 90s, when mountain bikes were designed and marketed for men, a few bold riders pioneered the sport for all those being ignored. Inspired by this movement, we saw an opportunity to drive change. In 1999, we co-created the first mountain bike designed specifically for female riders. Within a few years, Juliana grew from a single model to a stand-alone brand with the mission to create inclusive biking communities where all feel welcome.

Today, Juliana creates high-performance products while remaining focused on this mission. But having a serious purpose doesn’t mean taking ourselves too seriously: we keep things in perspective and strive to make what we do enjoyable for everyone, including us. New audiences continue to choose the name of Juliana on the downtube – and everything that represents.

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