Over 45 years of BMX heritage & authority

Man jumping of a ramp on his Mongoose BMX bike

Leader since 1974 in Freestyle & Race BMX Bikes

Every good story starts with an idea. In 1974, Skip Hess had an idea for a cast-magnesium wheel durable enough for BMX riding. Over 45 years later, Mongoose is a globally recognized brand built on innovation.

From BMX, to mountain bikes, scooters, and more, Mongoose delivers one of the best riding experiences out there. And it all started with a wheel in a Southern California garage.

In 1974, Skip Hess developed the cast-magnesium MotoMag wheel in his garage as a way to make BMX bikes more durable. This led him to found BMX Products, Inc., which made the first Mongoose bike in 1975. By 1976 it was a top-seller. Mongoose would become known for innovative BMX designs and world-class BMX race teams.

In 1986, Mongoose launched the FS-1. Ever since, freestyle BMX has been central to the brand’s product collection. Mongoose has worked with legendary freestyle riders, including Dennis McCoy, Tim “Fuzzy” Hall, Simon Tabron and Kevin Peraza, who inspire product design and fans alike. From classics like the Decade, to contemporary Legions, freestyle is entrenched in Mongoose BMX DNA.

In 1985, Mongoose launched their first mountain bikes, the Mongoose ATB and ATB PRO. By 1992, they developed the full suspension Mongoose Amplifier, which became one of the most successful mountain bikes of all time. Since then, Mongoose has continued to develop ranges of both full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes, which have been ridden by some of the world’s most talented riders.

With a passionate global fanbase, Mongoose is more accessible than ever. The brand continues to inspire new generations to push their limits and explore new boundaries, whether hanging out, or going all out.